AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSK83828P

Lifts gentle to a new level

This world-leading ComfortLift® gently lifts the lower dishwasher rack up to a comfortable height. For easy loading and unloading. Elevating dishwashing to a whole new level.

AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSK83828P

Customisable space and convenient cleaning with MaxiFlex

The MaxiFlex drawer is engineered to accommodate cutlery and utensils of many sizes, whether large or awkwardly shaped. Flexible dividers and maximised depth mean each load is customisable. Essentially every item is seamlessly loaded and cleaned in one go.

AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSK83828P

QuickSelect with WiFi. For total peace of mind

QuickSelect with WiFi sends maintenance notifications and clear step-by-step guides right to your smartphone via the My AEG Kitchen App, so you can remotely run the Machine Care program which helps to keep your dishwasher performing at its best.

AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSK83828P

At-a-glance check

This dishwasher has a clever way to keep you fully up to date with the status of your dishes. Its beam-on-floor technlogy projects a red light onto the floor while the cycle is still in progress. And when everything is ready to unload, it switches to a green one. Simple, and effective.

AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSK83828P

Powerful dishwashing. With SatelliteClean®

Experience impeccable dishwashing with SatelliteClean®. This spray arm has three-times better coverage than the standard. Because the double rotating arm constantly changes the angle of the spray. Water reaches every corner. For a complete clean.

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AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSB53907Z
Integrated dishwasher
  • Customisable dishwashing. Efficient cleaning
  • Customisable space and convenient cleaning with MaxiFlex
  • Powerful dishwashing. With SatelliteClean®
  • Customisable eco dishwashing with just a touch
  • Open-door drying with AirDry
AEG - Integrated dishwasher - FSE83837P
Integrated dishwasher
  • World's first lift-and-load. Bring the dishes to you
  • Lifts gentle to a new level
  • Customisable space and convenient cleaning with MaxiFlex
  • Customisable eco dishwashing with just a touch
  • At-a-glance check
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Integrated dishwasher
  • Open the door to dry dishes
  • Open-door drying with AirDry
  • Fast and efficient performance


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