Freestanding washer dryer

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Drum volume52
Motor SystemInverter
Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD)847x597x534
Depth max, mm557
Wheels/feet4 adjustable feet
Cord Length1.7
Inlet hose length (mm)150
Product details
The AEG Washer Dryer 6000 Series offers an all-in-one solution to laundry, even woollens and delicates. A single-cycle mode can be applied to five different care programmes, allowing the automatic shift from washing to drying. Gentle care guaranteed, in fewer steps.
AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - L6WEJ841N
Washed and dried. In a single cycle

Wash and dry your wardrobe – including delicates and woollens – without the need to manually move between machines. A single-cycle mode can be applied to five programmes at the press of a button. For effortless, all-round care.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - L6WEJ841N
For efficient clothing care. Saving both energy and water.

ProSense automatically adjusts the machine's settings to accommodate the weight in the drum – ensuring optimum care. The tailored treatments can save 30% energy when washing and drying smaller loads.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - L6WEJ841N
Performance to rely on. Inverter motor

The inverter motor ensures reliable, efficient operation. Its magnetic design allows quiet, contactless drum rotation – compared to other models using brushes – for reducing energy consumption and noise.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - L6WEJ841N
Reduce wrinkles with steam

Reduce wrinkles and refresh fabrics with the power of natural steam. The 25-minute programme not only helps relax fibres in your favourite garments, but also reduces the need for strenuous ironing. It can even be used as a shortcut for laundering lightly-soiled items.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - L6WEJ841N
Laundry on your time, with two quick programmes

Two quick programmes are built in to allow efficient laundering, even when time isn't on your side. Choose the 20-minute cycle for loads up to 3kg. Or the one-hour NonStop cycle, offering a rapid, all-in-one service for 1kg loads.