Cooker hood light not working

Last updated 12/06/2023 08:56


  • The cooker hood light is not working
  • Cooker hood lights cannot be switched on
  • How to replace a LED light in a cooker hood?
  • The light bulb in the cooker hood is burnt out

Applies to

  • Cooker hoods


1. First, check if the extraction function is working:

  • If it is not working (cooker hood does not react, light does not come on, extraction function does not work), there is probably an electrical fault.
  • Check if other kitchen appliances are working, if not, check the fuses and contact a qualified electrician to rectify the possible wiring fault.

2. If the extractor function works but the cooker hood light does not switch on, this probably means a burnt-out/damaged bulb:

  • If the bulb's glass is dark, it has probably burnt out and needs to be replaced. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply before replacing the bulb. If the bulb is hot, wait until it has cooled down.
  • Refer to the user manual of your appliance to replace the bulb.
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  • Replace the burnt light bulb in accordance with the specifications:

example from the hood user manual:

The user manual for your cooker hood will also provide information on whether you can replace the light bulb in a specific model yourself or only by a qualified technician.

Specific models are supplied with LED lighting. This part can be replaced by a qualified technician only.

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