Hot plate display flashes between two figures / stuck on simmer / unable to use all zones at same time

Last updated 24/05/2022 06:51


  • Hot plate display flashes between two figures
  • Hot plate stuck on simmer / unable to use all zones at the same time / 
  • Cannot use two zones at the same time

Applies to

  • Induction hobs


When the hot plate switches between two figures, one figure is the selected power setting (the highest) and the other is the power setting the

hot plate is limited to. This functionality is built into the electronics to protect the household circuits from overloading.  The hot plate monitors

the load for both the right and left sides, turning itself off if necessary. This is perfectly normal and does not usually require contacting

Authorized Service Center.

This feature may vary depending on your model of the hob so check your user manual for a detailed description.


  • If multiple zones are active and the consumed power exceeds the limitation of the power supply, this function divides the available power between all cooking zones. The hob controls heat settings to protect the fuses of the house installation.
  • Cooking zones are grouped according to the location and number of the phases in the hob. Each phase has a maximum electricity loading (3700 W). If the hob reaches the limit of maximum available power within one phase, the power of the cooking zones will be automatically reduced.
  • The heat setting of the cooking zone selected last is always prioritised. The remaining power will be divided between the previously activated cooking zones in reverse order of selection.
  • The heat setting display of the reduced zones changes between the initially selected heat setting and the reduced heat setting. 
  • Wait until the display stops flashing or reduce the heat setting of the cooking zone selected last. The cooking zones will continue operating with the reduced heat setting. Change the heat settings of the cooking zones manually, if necessary. 

Refer to the illustration for possible combinations in which power can be distributed among the cooking zones.