Defrosting of fridge / freezer

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  • How to defrost my freezer?
  • When should I defrost?

Applies to

  • Freezer
  • Fridge Freezer


The freezer must be defrosted when the layer of ice reaches 10–15 mm. The easiest way to defrost the freezer is when it is empty or contains little food.

About 12 hours prior to defrosting, set a lower temperature, in order to build up a sufficient chill reserve for the interruption in operation.

Remove the ice as follows:

1. Switch off the appliance, or pull out the electrical plug from the wall socket.

2. Remove the food from the freezer, wrap it in several layers of paper and store it in a cool place.

3. Leave the door open and protect the floor from the defrosting water e.g. with a cloth or a flat vessel.

4. In order to speed up the defrosting process, place a pot of warm water in the freezer compartment. 

5. In addition, remove pieces of ice with an ice scraper before defrosting is complete.

6. When defrosting is complete, dry the interior thoroughly and keep the scraper for future use

7. Switch on the appliance. Set the temperature control to the lowest temperature. Wait at least 3 hours before putting the food back into the freezer compartment.

Important:  The defrosted food must be consumed quickly or cooked immediately and then refrozen (after cooling).

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