Last updated 29/04/2022 09:36

Care and maintenance for your AEG dishwasher are available at your fingertips. By using My AEG Kitchen App with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remote control the water and energy consumption of machine cycles, adjust settings or address any service issues conveniently from your smartphone. Discover additional features for your AEG QuickSelect with Wi-Fi dishwasher below.

Machine Care

You will receive machine care notifications (not for spray arm or filter cleaning) via My AEG Kitchen App. When you do, simply follow the instructions on the cleaning package as shown in the video.

Filter Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your dishwasher filter is an essential and easy task that only takes a few minutes. Watch the video to see the few steps needed to ensure a smooth-running machine.

Spray Arms Cleaning

Once removed, the two spray arms (upper and lower) of your machine can be easily cleaned. As shown in the video, a few simple steps will ensure unobstructed water flow and performance.

Cleaning the Rubber Gasket

Cleaning the rubber gasket around the door of your machine takes just a minute or two. Watch the video to see how using a basic cloth to remove any debris will keep your dishwasher performing at its best.

Eco Feedback

The Eco Feedback feature is an ingenious way to control the water and energy consumption of your dishwasher. By using My AEG Kitchen App, you can adjust wash cycles for greater efficiency and sustainability. The display on your smartphone tells you how long each wash will take and is dynamically updated when you move along the QuickSelect slider.

Remote Monitoring and Control

By connecting your dishwasher to My AEG Kitchen App, you have remote control and monitoring over its functions. You can select programmes or choose running times without the need to adjust settings manually. All features are accessible via your smartphone with user-friendly icons and accessible text.

Notifications and Alarms

QuickSelect with Wi-Fi takes the guesswork out of maintaining the optimal performance of your dishwasher. Through My AEG Kitchen App, you will receive smartphone notifications when your rinse tank is empty or the machine needs more salt, for instance. The App will also let you know with alerts if you require maintenance or have urgent issues like water leakage.

AEG Services

Should you require further help or accessories for your dishwasher, it is available through the AEG Services. With your smartphone and My AEG Kitchen App, you can easily purchase machine care products through the WebShop, troubleshoot any issues, download user manuals or contact us directly for assistance.