Unpleasant odour from the dishwasher

Last updated 11/05/2023 11:16


  • An unpleasant smell coming out of the dishwasher
  • How to fix a bad-smelling dishwasher?

Applies to

  • Integrated dishwashers
  • Freestanding dishwashers


1. Remove all food particles residing on the dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

2. Use the Prewash cycle (if available).

3. Check whether the filters and spray arms are clean.

Make sure that there are no residues of food or soil in or around the edge of the sump.

  • Put back in place the flat filter (C). Make sure that it is correctly positioned under the 2 guides.
  • Reassemble the filters (A) and (B).
  • Put back the filter (A) in the flat filter (C). Turn it clockwise until it locks

Follow the instructional videos

You can find information on cleaning and maintenance in the user manual. Download the user manual

4. Use monthly a specific cleaning product for dishwashers. 

Follow carefully the instructions on the packaging of the product.

For top performance, we recommend specialized detergents available on our Webshop.


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