How to change the door seal on my cooling apliance

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  • How to replace the door gasket
  • Fridge door gasket split or damaged.
  • Freezer door gasket split or damaged
  • Fridge Freezer door gasket split or damaged

Applies to

  • Fridges, Fridge Freezer and Freezers  


You can replace the door gasket of your appliance if it is available as a spare part, otherwise, you may need to replace the complete door.  If you have your Model details, you can click on your brand below to check if it's available, WE RECOMMEND you contact our service partner to arrange a visit from one of our fully trained engineers who can replace the part for you...

Replacement of the door gasket is not a simple task and does require some basic DIY competency.  It also requires the use of a sharp knife so protective gloves must be worn.  Do not proceed with the repair without first reading the warning below: 

Warning:  Replacement of the door gasket requires the use of a very sharp "utility" type knife like the one shown below.  Do not proceed with this repair unless you are comfortable and familiar with the use of such a tool.  You must also wear suitable "anti-cut" type gloves.  Do not proceed with this repair without the correct items and previous experience of using these items. 

First of all, pinch the gasket to locate the plastic ridge inside then carefully use the knife and take care cut along the ridge on all four sides

Once you have carefully cut the gasket lift away the old one and the channel will be visible 

Place your new gasket over the door and into the channel, align the part of the gasket that looks like an arrow into the slot (see below)

then firmly press all in all the way around the door 

You have now replaced your door gasket!

Check your door closes smoothly and you have not twisted the gasket.  If you have simply pull the gasket off and refit 


  • Door gasket split / torn 
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