Ice bin removal or replacement

Last updated 24/02/2021 13:48

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Always take care when moving appliances, for heavy appliances it's necessary two persons to move it. 

Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

Please note that self-repair or nonprofessional repair can have safety consequences if not done properly

Ice bin removal or replacement

Remove the ice bin and shake to loosen the cubes or clean as explained in the User Manual


NEVER use an ice pick or similar sharp instrument to break up the ice. This could damage the ice bin and dispenser mechanism. To loosen stuck ice, use warm water. Before replacing the ice bin, make sure it is completely dry.


When removing or replacing the ice bin, avoid rotating the auger in the ice bin. If the auger is accidentally rotated, realign the auger by turning it in 45 degree turns (see below) until the ice bin fits into place with the drive mechanism. If the auger is not properly aligned when replacing the ice bin, the refrigerator will not dispense ice. The fresh food door also may not close properly causing warm air to leak into the fresh food compartment