Tumble dryer displays error message E60 and does not heat up

Last updated 21/10/2022 14:03


  • Tumble dryer displays the error message E60 and does not heat up -it indicates a heating source problem

Applies to

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer


1. Make sure then that the tumble dryer is not built into, for instance, an enclosed cabinet without any ventilation.

The dryer can be installed as a free-standing unit or under the counter with the appropriate space.

Refer to the user manual or separate installation leaflet supplied with your appliance.

Download the user manual.

2. Install the appliance in a room with enough space and good ventilation:

If the tumble dryer is installed in a room that is too small, condensation may occur.

  • Make sure the room is large enough (more than 10-12 m2).
  • Small rooms will quickly become very hot because of the tumble dryer and the air humidity will condense on surfaces at a lower temperature.
  • The problem can be rectified in many cases with good ventilation, for instance, by opening a window or a door during the drying process.

3. Clean the filters and door seal

If the machine’s filters, condenser and door seal are not cleaned, they can produce an unnecessarily large amount of moisture in the room.

Clean the filter after each drying cycle

For additional information refer to the article Cleaning tumble dryer filters and condenser or your user manual.

4. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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