Tumble dryer displays error message EHO, EH0

Last updated 22/12/2022 14:12



  • Tumble dryer displays error message EHO, EH0. It indicates a problem with the power supply.

Applies to:

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer


1. Check the power supply by plugging a different product into the same socket and see whether that works.

If the other product also does not work, the problem is probably with the wiring fault.

Warning: Never use an extension cable to connect appliances. This can cause a short-circuit or fire hazard.

Important: Contact your local electrician for advice and guidance on fixing wiring problems.

2. Reset the appliance.

Remove the plug from the socket, wait 30 seconds and then plug it in again (The same result may be achieved by using the safety switch).

After plugging in the appliance, switch it on and select a program.

3. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.


  • Error code EHO (EH0) or any code beginning with EH..(i.e. EH1, EH2) indicate a possible problem with the power supply, such as too low/too high voltage, unstable power supply
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