Tumble dryer does not work /  does not react

Last updated 12/12/2022 11:12


  • Tumble dryer does not work/does not react
  • No reaction for switch ON/OFF button
  • Abnormal work of the appliance

Applies to:

  • Tumble dryer with electronic control


1. Remove the plug from the electrical outlet.

2. Plug another device (ex. hair dryer/iron) into the electrical outlet and switch it ON (this test is to check if there is no problem with the electrical outlet).

  • If another appliance would switch ON, it means that there is no problem with the power outlet
  • If another appliance would not switch ON, it means that there is a problem with the power outlet

3. In case of no problem with a power outlet (point 2.A) leave the problematic appliance for 15 min unplugged then plug it in again, if still not working contact the Authorized Service Center.

4. In case of a faulty power outlet (point 2. B) contact the local electrician.


  • In some specific cases caused by interferences in the power supply, electronic devices can stop working normally or even not react to ON/OFF button
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