Tumble dryer stops after a few minutes of the cycle

Last updated 30/09/2021 12:00


  • Tumble dryer stops after a few minutes of the cycle

Applies to:

  • tumble dryer


1. Check if the “water tank full” indicator is lit.

  • The appliance will stop the cycle if the water tank is full.
  • Empty the tank and restart the cycle.

2. Check if your product is connected to an external drain.

  • The machine will stop the cycle if there is a problem with the drain
  • Check that it has been installed correctly and that the hose is not twisted or kinked.

 Warning: Do not suspend the basket any higher than 1m and shorten the drain hose as necessary, so that no loops of more than 0.5 m form.

3. Check if your product is connected to a power outlet or grounded socket.

  • Your appliance must be connected to a power outlet or an grounded socket
  • If the appliance is not grounded, the measuring system will not work correctly and the appliance may ‘decide’ that the clothing is dry at the wrong time.
  • If your appliance is not grounded, there is a risk of electric shock.

4. Check if the DEMO function on your product is enabled.

  • The DEMO function is a display function for retail stores.
  • It is used to demonstrate the product without having to go through a normal cycle.
  • The display function is indicated by the letters ‘DEM’ on the display or on a display for rapid countdown.
  • The demo function will remain enabled even after the dryer has been switched off using the On/Off button.
  • When the On/Off button is pressed to restart the appliance, the display will show DEM for a few seconds in order to enable the demo function to be used in a showroom.
  • To exit the demo function, switch off the power supply to the dryer, wait about a minute and then switch it on again.

5. We recommend that you do not use a fabric softener during a wash cycle, before using the dryer.

6. Cleaning the drum:

  • When you use fabric conditioner in a wash cycle, a film will probably form on the inside of the drum, the drum ribs and the measuring sensor.
  • This film will interfere with moisture measurement, making the dryer ‘think’ that the clothing is dry.
  • The drum can be cleaned with a cloth and vinegar.
  • Some models have the sensors located inside the machine on the plastic tab at the bottom, behind the door opening.

7. Check if the drum is filled sufficiently.

  • When you use electronic cycles, the drum will detect whether the clothing is dry.
  • When the drum is filled with a small amount of clothing, it is sometimes unable to detect the clothing and will then end the cycle.
  • For very small amounts of clothing, it is recommended that you use time-based drying.

8. Filling enough laundry:

  • When you use a pre-programmed cycle, you must ensure that the drum has sufficient capacity.
  • If there is not enough clothing in the drum, the drum may be unable to detect it and the tumble dryer will end the cycle.
  • The tumble dryer is best used at the maximum capacity of the chosen cycle.
  • This is the most efficient way to use the tumble dryer’s energy.

9. Try a pre-programmed standard drying cycle instead of time-based drying

  • When you use a timed cycle, the time you select is the duration of the cycle.
  • For example, when you a 20-minute program, the dryer will stop after 20 minutes, possibly resulting in poor drying results.
  • For best results, use a pre-programmed cycle.
  • The dryer automatically detects when the laundry is dry.

10. Check if the machine and its filters are clean.

  • If the filters, condenser and/or heat exchanger are dirty, it may be the reason why the machine is not heating up.
  • See the user manual for information on how to clean and maintain your appliance.
  • The filters may appear clean but still be blocked.
  • You can check the filters by holding them up against the light or under a tap and seeing whether the water can flow through them.
  • If no water passes through the filters, clean them and check them again.
  • If water will still not pass through the filters, replace them.
  • Filters and accessories are available via the Webshop. (You can visit our Webshop by clicking on the link below).

11. Reset the appliance.

You may be able to fix the problem by resetting the washing machine.

  • To do this, remove the plug from the socket, wait 3 minutes and then plug it in again.

12. Check if the appliance is correctly levelled.

  • If the appliance is not levelled correctly, it will not be able to pump water up into the tank.
  • This may be the reason for the machine coming to a halt.
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