Wool clothing shrinks after washing in washer - dryer

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Wool clothing shrinks after washing in Washer Dryer

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Washing wool articles:

Wool is a natural fibre with many possible uses. However, wool items can be difficult to care for. If you want them to retain their shape, colour and quality they may need to be handled with care. 

If your AEG Washer Dryer has the Woolmark Apparel Care badge it means that the wool wash cycle on this machine has been approved by the Woolmark Company, The Woolmark Badge is pictured below:

This means that you can use the Wool Cycle on this machine to wash garments labelled hand wash.

For the best results use a specific detergent for Wool Items that is suitable for use in a Washing Machine.

Make sure to put a maximum load of 1.5kg’s into the machine.

Select the Wool Wash Program.

Use the Mode Button on the far-right hand side of the machine to choose Wash.

The Spin Speed can be varied from 1200 spin down to 400 spin as required.

The Temperature can be varied from 40° down to Cold, as required.

Press Start.

After the Wool Wash Program the garments can be tumble dried, using the same program.

Use the Mode button to select dry.

The garment can be dried using Automatic Drying (the machine will tumble dry until the garment is dry and then finish automatically) or by using the timed dying option (Each time you press time dry the drying duration will increase by 10 minutes)

Press Start.

You can also use the mode button to choose Wash and Dry, this will operate the Wash Program and then automatically operate the Drying Program immediately after.

We also have a short video below.

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