AEG 8000 vacuum cleaner - nozzle problems

Last updated 17/10/2023 08:32


  • The nozzle in my AEG 8000 vacuum cleaner is broken
  • The hard floor nozzle (with LED lighting) has stopped working
  • The brush light goes flashing and the program, which was used is switching to a different one also the brush underneath stops spinning
  • How to replace the broken nozzle in my AEG 8000 vacuum cleaner?

Applies to

  • AEG 8000 vacuum cleaners (AP81xxx models)


The brush motor connector might fall out due to continuous vibration. 

Contact our Consumer Care Team for a suitable resolution. Please mention "8000 vacuum cleaner nozzle issue" in the description.

Change the nozzle according to the instructions provided

Step 1. Release the nozzle

Push the button or push down the arm (foot release) to release the nozzle

Step 2. Install the nozzle

Push the nozzle and tube together until a click sound can be heard.  

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