Clean up after your pet

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:48

We love pets. There's nothing like the love from man's best friend - the only downer being the constant clean up of dog hair. If you have light colored floors and a breed that sheds the problem only compounds. Well, what if there were some simple tricks for cleaning up pet hair?

Vacuum cleaner attachments for pet hair

When cleaning up dog hair it is all about the attachments. Using the regular nozzle of your vacuum cleaner will not produce the results you want - especially for things like couches and hard to reach areas.

1. Mini Turbo

Powerful rotating brush roll for maximum pick up pet hairs and fibres. Designed for difficult to vacuum surfaces such as stair treads and risers, furniture and car seats.

2. Plush nozzle

The plush nozzle has been designed to remove pet hair effectively from all the textile furniture.

The dryer sheet hack

Don't have a vacuum cleaner handy, or access to pet hair attachments? Well, dryer sheets are your best friend when removing pet hair from any surface. They might not clean your whole house, but when you are in a pinch they are fantastic. Static electricity help the dryer sheets attract pet hair. Clean your clothes, a chair, table-top in a few seconds. Like magic.

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