The S-bag® indicator light is illuminated

Last updated 22/08/2023 10:28


  • The S-bag indicator light is illuminated
  • Suction power is reduced, do I need to change the bag?
  • When to change the bag?
  • The "S-bag" indicator is lit in white when vacuum cleaner operates
  • The S-bag indicator turns red

Applies to

  • Vacuum Cleaner


1. Check if the S-bag® is full or blocked.

Always change the S-bag® when the indicator signal is illuminated even if the s-bag® is not full (it may be blocked), and always after using carpet cleaning powder.

In some models (i.e. AEG VX8.2) the indicator can illuminate in two colours: 

White (or inactive - model depending) - the vacuum cleaner is operating normally, no bag change is needed. 

s-bag white

Red - the bag is full and needs to be replaced.

After replacing the bag, the lamp lights up red for about 5 seconds and then continues to light up in white.

s-bag red- change bags-bag red - change bag

Use only AEG/Electrolux original synthetic s-bags®.

See the whole range of available replacement S-bags for your vacuum cleaner: S-bag® the smart bag that simplifies life

You can purchase new bags in our Webshop.

2. If you have already changed the s-bag®, change the motor filter.

You can purchase new filters in our Webshop.

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