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Our AX5 air purifier is designed to adapt to your environment. Choose whether to place it on the floor or wall mount to save on space*. You can also choose to tailor the design of the AX5 with several curated fabric cover options*


AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX51-304WT

Purification without compromise

AX5 combines a sleek, modern shape with powerful air cleaning and versatile usage. AX5 is the perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms operating at just 24dB(A), similar to soft rain**

**Noise pressure at lowest fan speed; measured 1m in front of the product.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX51-304WT

Personalised home purification

AX5 is light-weight and easily portable between rooms using the side grips or vegan leather handle***. Simply leave it standing on its two legs or, alternatively, wall mount*** to save precious floor space if intending to use in one room only.

*** Customized kit (handle, covers, legs), wall bracket, sold separately.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX51-304WT

High performing four-step purification

AX5 comes with an efficient 4-stage air purification system enabling the capture of up to 99,93% of particles as small as 2,5 micrometer (μm) (PM2.5) in size4 and up to 92% of common Volatile Organic Compounds****.

****Based on tests conducted by external body in 2020 according to GB/T 14295-2008, GB/T 18801-2015 standards.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX51-304WT

360-degree air flow system

AX5's air flow system combines 360-degree air intake -covering the front edges of the panel- a 3D fan and a four-stage air filtration. Cleans the air in a room in less than 7 minutes*****

*****Based on internal tests per ANSI-AHAM AC-1-2019 standard in 2020. Cleaning time is based on test performed on the highest fan speed in a 10m2 room.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX51-304WT

Stay connected and in control

Monitor and control your air quality by connecting your AX5 with the AEG Wellbeing app. Switch the AX5 on and off remotely from anywhere using the App. Monitor remaining filter lifetime and receive notifications when it is time to change the filter

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