About AEG



AEG is relentless in its pursuit of always being an idea ahead. In 2017 we are celebrating 130 years of bringing innovation into your home. Merging intelligent technology with responsive design by following the vision and design philosophy of AEG’s Peter Behrens – perfection in form and function. We will continue innovating and are committed to carrying our legacy into the future.

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Looking back

AEG was founded as the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität in 1883 by Emil Rathenau. A merger with subsidiary Telefunken AG and subsequent acquisitions by Daimler AG and finally Electrolux shaped AEG into the forward-thinking company it is now. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at AEG. It is the driving force behind our best-known inventions for the home, from creating the first electric refrigerator to the first heat pump technology for tumble dryers. It is the inspiration behind our sustainable materials. It’s our history and our future.

Looking Forward

Tomorrow begins today. The way we eat will change. The
way we dress will change. The way we live will change. We know how technology can enhance the world around us. That's why we make sure our appliances not only exceed your needs today, but also embrace tomorrow's technology to fit your future requirements.


Form and function combine

In 1907, the visionary architect Peter Behrens was appointed Artistic Consultant at AEG. For his work with AEG, Behrens is considered the founder of modern industrial design. Professor Behrens had a simple but powerful design philosophy: ‘Perfekt in Form und Funktion’ . He worked tirelessly to create not only the most functional AEG products, but also the most aesthetically appealing.

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Form and Function Evolve

Inside every appliance, you’ll find intelligent technology and responsive design, guaranteeing you exceptional performance and results time after time. You’ll discover that one touch redefines what’s possible at home. We design our appliances around you - putting you in complete control and guaranteeing exceptional performance and results. Time after time.

Design … is about creating forms that accord with the character of the object and that show new technologies to advantage

Peter Behrens

Architect and AEG Artistic Consultant



We want to make a change for the better by being the best appliance company in the world, making a positive everyday difference in people’s lives and for our planet.

We’re ambitious in what we want to achieve. Reducing our carbon footprint by 50% and increasing material efficiency are two important areas where we want to make a difference in the near future. We know there are challenges. But we strongly believe that by working together to find sustainable solutions that benefit everyone, we will continue to make a positive difference – every day.


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    Better Solutions

    Better Solutions is about providing products and services that enable consumers to live better lives while saving energy, water and resources.

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    Better Operations

    The way we do things at AEG provides a safe, efficient and ethical foundation for our people to make a difference in the world.

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    Better society

    Wherever we are in the world, AEG tries to help build better societies by empowering consumers and suppliers, and supporting local communities.