Enjoy professional results with a hob from AEG, be it gas, ceramic or induction. The AEG MaxiSense® induction hob with FlexiBridge technology allows you to customize your own cooking area, combining up to 4 segments with a consistent and even heat distribution. 


The SensePro® hob gets every dish right.

The wireless food sensor measures the core temperature of food to the exact degree and commicates the heat adjustment to the hob.

Measure and maintain precise water temperatures, meaning it’s now possible to sous vide on the hob. 

SensePro® Hob

  • For professional results
  • Measures core temperature of food
  • Even possible to sous-vide on the hob
  • Personal sous chef for restaurant-style results at home

The faster way to delicious dishes

Want to cook tastier dishes in less time? Then cook with induction as it offer superior temperature control and heat up faster than any other hob. Be in full control and go from simmer to boiling in just a matter of seconds. 

Induction hob

  • Fast and precise heat control and regulation
  • Easier to adjust the temperature during the critical moments of cooking
  • The hob surface is extremely easy to wipe and keep clean

The perfect hob for your favourite dishes

Take your cooking to tastier levels. Our range of cooking hobs offers excellent options for both small and large kitchens and all ambition levels – from everyday cooking to gala dinners.