A new dawn in laundry technology & design

A new dawn in technology & design

A revolutionary new approach to caring for your wardrobe favourites is here. AEG's innovative blend of consumer insight and science is transforming laundry to an experience beyond cleaning. At last, you can have confidence to care for even your most delicate garments, with technology that truly protects fibres, colours and textures.

A woman wears a delicately laundered silk blouse

Intuitive innovation, stylish design

An unprecedented experience awaits you, as superior quality and technical advancement combine with sleek, Germanic design to bring you innovation unlike any other. Our new laundry range isn't just a reinvention of our products. It's a reinvention of laundry itself. Because at AEG we're always an idea ahead.

A close-up of the stylish control wheel
  • An animation showing the complementary styling features of the new washing machine and tumble dryer
    Perfect pairings

    Enjoy stylish design symmetry and complementary care technologies when you partner your washer with its matching dryer.


  • An animation showing the stylish turbine effect on the porthole door
    Premium styling

    Sleek curves meet premium, ergonomic design features in high-impact metallics - because laundry technology can be beautiful too.

  • An animation showing the symmetry of the digital control panel
    Intelligent controls

    Take complete control with an attractive user interface that is easy to navigate and highly responsive.

Technology unique to each series

Each washing machine and tumble dryer series benefits from its own, unique technology. As you move up the series, each machine offers a step up in the level of fabric care it provides. For the very best results, we recommend pairing your washing machine with its matching tumble dryer. A winning partnership guaranteed to transform your clothing care at home.

Our washing machine series

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A black dress before and after 30 washes with no visible colour fade

It's the little black dress guardian

A pioneering solution to fabric care is now yours to own with the new AEG 9000 Series washing machine. The first in the world with SoftWater Technology, its intelligent ion-exchange water purifying filter exchanges harsh minerals with sodium ions to create soft and pure water. Detergents work more effectively from the moment they enter the drum. At last you can achieve 60-degree cleaning performance at only 30 degrees, without fading.

A close-up of the control wheel on the 9000 Series washing machine
  • The 6000 Series with ProSense® Technology
    6000 Series with ProSense® Technology

    Intelligent sensors detect load size automatically, optimising the time, water and energy needed to perform a wash cycle. Whether a full load, or a single shirt, clothes are never over-washed.

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  • The 7000 Series with ProSteam® Technology
    7000 Series with ProSteam® Technology

    Spend less time ironing and enjoy 30% fewer creases with powerful new PlusSteam, which completes the wash cycle with steam to smooth, refresh and care for clothes.

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  • The 8000 Series with ÖKOMix Technology
    8000 Series with ÖKOMix Technology

    The first washing machine technology ever to distribute detergents and softeners completely evenly, so they reach, clean and care for every delicate fibre.

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Our tumble dryer series

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A comparison of two wool jumpers showing shrinkage versus zero shrinkage with AEG's AbsoluteCare® System

It's the wool sweater guardian

Never dared to tumble dry wool, silk or outdoor garments before? Now you can tumble dry everything you wash with tailored drying programs that offer dedicated care to even your most delicate fabrics. With the 8000 Series tumble dryers with AbsoluteCare® System, our specialist wool program replicates the gentle process of flat-drying – so your favourite hand-wash-only sweater can be tumble dried, with no shrinkage guaranteed.

The 8000 Series Tumble Dryer
  • The 6000 Series with ProSense® Technology
    6000 Series with ProSense® Technology

    Humidity and temperature sensors auto-adjust drying time and energy consumption for every size of load, to preserve garment textures and avoid over-drying.

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  • The 7000 Series with SensiDry® Technology
    7000 Series with SensiDry® Technology

    Moisture is drawn from fabrics at half the temperatures of conventional tumble dryers, so clothes are never subjected to unnecessary heat — and stay looking and feeling like new, every day.

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  • The 8000 Series with AbsoluteCare® System
    8000 Series with AbsoluteCare® System

    Dare to dry delicate woollens, silks and outdoor clothing with unique programmes that adapt drum movements and drying temperatures precisely for each fabric type.

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A silk blouse with a gold necklace

Challenging outdated laundry habits

Making clothes appear as good as new wash after wash requires a new-found trust in the capabilities of your washing machines and tumble dryers. At last, with AEG you can have confidence to wash and dry even your most delicate fabrics — silk blouses, wool jumpers, waterproof outdoor gear — without fear of destroying them.

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