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Find the ideal fridge freezer for you


What will you store in your fridge freezer?

Fresh fruit and vegetables – Look for fridges with salad crispers and deep drawers for large vegetables. If you have a lot of fresh food you may want a larger fridge compartment than freezer. 

Meat and fish – A model with an Extra-fresh compartment will keep meat and fish fresher for longer. 

Drinks – Consider wine racks, adjustable shelves to fit bottles or even a built-in wine cooler. Some American style fridge freezers have an ice dispenser on the door for cooling your drinks.
Frozen foods – If you tend to freeze a lot of food, consider a fridge freezer with an equal freezer capacity to the fridge. 


What type of fridge freezer is the best fit for your kitchen?

Side-by-side fridge freezer – a full length fridge and freezer for large capacity, with the addition of ice and water dispenser or wine compartment on selected models. 

Combi fridge freezer – a stacked combination of fridge and freezer with a separate door for each. Combi-top and Combi-bottom refers to the position of the freezer.

Integrated fridge freezer – hidden behind a cabinet door to match your kitchen design, consider either a fridge freezer or separate (fridge and freezer) units.  

Height, width and depth can all vary, so browse the full range to find the size and style that best suits your kitchen design.


Fridge freezer capacity is measured in litres. 

100 – 150 litres – Suits a household of 1-2 people. 
150 – 250 litres – Works well for 3-4 people.
250+ litres – Ideal for bigger households of 5 or more. 

Top-tip: Make sure you don't overfill your fridge so the air has some room to circulate for efficient cooling.


High energy efficiency means less money spent on energy bills. Due to increasing standards all fridge freezers from 2014 onwards must have at least an A+ energy rating, with the highest class of A+++. 

A frost-free fridge freezer, that has separate air flows for the fridge and the freezer compartments, will be more energy efficient. It will also be effective at maintaining even temperatures throughout the compartments. 

Top-tip: Site your fridge freezer away from radiators or the oven to reduce energy consumption.


Chilled salmon, fruits or a bouquet garni – AEG fridge freezer will keep your most delicate groceries naturally fresh for longer.

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