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Find the ideal refrigerator for you


Start by measuring your available space.

The full-size AEG fridges are over 150 cm in height, and the standard models reach about 80 cm. The tall models have outstanding storage capacity, while the standard fridges are designed to easily fit under a countertop or in a kitchenette.

Height, width, and depth can all vary. Browse the full range to find the size that best suits the design of your kitchen.


What will you store in your fridge? 

Fresh fruit and vegetables – Look for fridges with salad crispers and deep drawers for large vegetables.  
Meat and fish – A model with an Extra-fresh compartment will keep meat and fish fresh for longer. 
Delicate dairy – Check if the fridge has a closed container on the door, designed for storing the most flavoursome dairy.
Drinks – Consider wine racks, adjustable shelves to fit bottles or even a built-in wine cooler. 


Fridge capacity is measured in litres:

100 - 150 litres – Suits a household of 1-2 people. 
150 - 250 litres – Works well for 3-4 people.
250+ litres – Ideal for bigger households of 5 or more.  

Or in terms of full grocery bags:

93 litres – 5 bags of groceries.
200 litres – 11 bags.
387 litres – 20 bags.

Top-tip: Leave some empty space in the fridge so the air can circulate for efficient cooling.


Optimum temperature  – The Coolmatic function quickly chills your fresh groceries to the right temperature.
Consistent climate – DynamicAir Technology keeps the temperature even throughout the fridge.
Secure storage for heavy items – Look for a fridge with the extra strong safety glass shelves.
Customised storage – The CustomFlex® modular system allows you to rearrange the door compartments.
Holiday mode – Maintains internal temperature at 15ºC when you are away from home, preventing odours in the empty fridge.


High energy efficiency means less money spent on energy bills. The most energy efficient fridge would have the highest rating of A+++. In comparison, an A++ class fridge is 21% more efficient than an A+ class.

Top-tip: Reduce energy consumption by placing your freezer away from heat emitting appliances like radiators and ovens.


Whenever you look for clever high-end design, superior temperature control and energy efficiency, AEG has an ideal refrigerator for you.

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