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Measure your available space to ensure you get the perfect fit.

60 cm width or more – A standard dishwasher will fit, giving you the largest load capacity.
45-60 cm width – A slimline dishwasher gives you perfect cleaning in a slimmer design.
Less than 45 cm – A compact dishwasher will leave you with clean dishes but is small enough to fit on your kitchen worktop.


Fully integrated dishwashers sit behind a cabinet that matches your kitchen design.
Semi-integrated dishwashers similarly blend in, but leave the control panel visible.
Freestanding dishwashers are perfect for if you don't have a consistent design as they are not integrated into your kitchen unit.


Dishwasher capacity is commonly referred to in place settings. One place setting is the kitchenware you'd expect to use in a three-course meal with coffee served afterwards.

12–15 place settings – Well suited to families and households who like to entertain guests now and again.
9 place settings – Available in slim models and suited to a couple or those with smaller kitchens.
6 place settings – A compact dishwasher is ideal if you dine out often or have less space.


For fine glassware – You can trust your favourite glassware to a quality, modern dishwasher. Look for features that provide extra stability and protection for your glasses, such as SoftSpikes and SoftGrips.

For pots and pans – To clean stubborn residue on pots and pans, look for a model with an intensive 70°C program for ultra clean, hygienic results in under 90 mins. 

For a mixed load – Some machines allow you to vary the intensity and temperature of the upper and lower shelves, so you can wash delicates in the top basket while your dirty pots and pans are cleaned below in the same cycle.


There are a number of options that could help you fit cleaning the dishes into your busy day:

ComfortLift® – Load and unload your dishwasher as effortlessly as possible. The first-of-a-kind ComfortLift® mechanism lets you gently lift the lower basket up to a convenient working height. 
DelayStart – A machine with a delayed start function allows you to control the time your cycle starts to suit your schedule.
30-minute quick wash – Get the dishes done in just 30 minutes.


Energy efficiency certifications range from A+++ (most efficient) to G (least efficient).  Look for a dishwasher that is A+ or higher to keep your water consumption and energy bills low. 

Some dishwashers offer a unique water saving system that reduces the water consumption by up to 6.5 litres for every wash. 


From family-sized machines with big capacity to appliances with advanced special features, AEG has the ideal dishwasher for you.​ ​

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