Product details

Take taste to the next level with AEG's three-piece cookware set. Comprising one frying pan (24cm) and two saucepans (16cm, 20cm), the set provides the right tools for mastering recipes.


AEG - Casserole Set - A3SS

Handles the heat on any hob

Induction. Radiant. Gas. AEG's pans are compatible with any hob. The stainless steel surface means optimum heat distribution – ensuring the best results, every time.

AEG - Casserole Set - A3SS

The foundation for finessing flavour

Heat is delivered efficiently to AEG's pans. The thick base is stable, meaning an even better connection with induction hobs – evenly distributing heat across their surfaces.

Cook. Clean. Efficiently

The coating on AEG's frying pan ensures non-stick cooking. No excess oil or butter required. The surface also means cleaning is more efficient. No scrubbing. Just spotless.


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