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Create professional-quality meals at home with the 9000 SteamPro Oven with Steamify®. Three cooking levels allow heating, steaming, or a combination of both. Even sous-vide is possible. Succulent results you can rely on, automatically set with Steamify®.


AEG - Electric Oven - BSK999330M

Get closer to golden brown

You know when it’s done just by looking at it. Of course you do. And with the CookView® camera from AEG you now have a remote way to check out the colour of every bake on your mobile.

AEG - Electric Oven - BSK999330M

Automatically adjust steam with Steamify®

With the Steamify® function, set the desired temperature and the oven will adjust the steam level automatically. For healthier, tastier food. Steam cooking brings out the richest flavors and preserves nutrition. And with the Steamify® function, it's easy to do.

AEG - Electric Oven - BSK999330M

Restaurant-quality results at home

Professional chefs have long turned to 'sous vide' cooking to achieve perfect, consistent results. SousVide brings restaurant-quality technology into your own home, allowing you to create dishes that exceed your expectations.

Functional. Integrated. Personalised. Smart Kitchen

Remotely manage your oven, explore our various partners, and even get personalised cooking assistance, all via the My AEG Kitchen App. It’s the convenient and easy way to enrich your Smart Kitchen experience.

EXCite+ TFT Display with Command Wheel. Precision cooking

With the EXCite+ TFT Display with Command Wheel you can precisely and easily control the oven heat, browse programmes, choose functions and even get oven software updates via WiFi. All at the twist of a dial and displayed on the digital screen.


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