Product details

The warming drawer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Plates are heated before serving to keep food warmer for longer. Pre-made dishes are kept at the right temperature. And meals are gently defrosted. Meaning every meal is ready to serve at a time that suits you.


Air circulation. For even heat distribution

The warming drawer's air circulation system guarantees even results. Air is moved internally to evenly distribute heat. Meaning that every dish emerges at the optimal temperature, from the outside to the core.

Defrost gently. Retain flavour

The warming drawer efficiently defrosts food, using a low heat to preserve the texture and taste of food. Because gentle defrosting delivers delicious dishes.

Raising dough. To a professional standard

The warming drawer delivers great results, at home. The low heat gently proves dough to create the ideal shape and texture. Meaning you can create consistent, bakery-quality bread.


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