Freestanding washer dryer

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Drum volume69
Motor SystemPermanent Magnet
Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD)847x597x631
Depth max, mm660
Wheels/feet4 adjustable feet
Cord Length1.7
Inlet hose length (mm)150
Product details
The 7000 ProSteam® Washer Dryer is a 3-in-1 laundry machine that streamlines the laundry process for you with wash, dry, and steam programmes. Steam uses 96% less water*, and is gentler than washing, helping clothes look their best for longer.
* Internal test with a 1 kg load on the steam programme vs the delicates programme.

Steam Refresh neutralises odours* and reduces wrinkles on garments, including delicates, in just 25 minutes, all without washing. And if you would like an extra boost of freshness, just add our aromatic steam fragrance, for that just washed freshness.

* External test show neutralisation of cigarette smoke odour in a Steam Refresh cycle.
AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - LWR7496O4B
Specialcare wash-to-dry. customised care even for wool and delicates

SpecialCare Wash-to-Dry adapts to each fabric type for gentle yet effective cleaning. This Woolmark Blue certified machine, washes and dries everyday items, delicates, and wool. It also restores the water protection of your outdoor garments.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - LWR7496O4B
Preciseload— adapts energy and water usage to the load size

ProSense+ automatically adapts the cycle time, along with energy and water usage, in proportion to the size of the laundry load. So, you get customised laundry cycles that save energy and water when washing and drying smaller loads.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - LWR7496O4B
Mixload saves you time. effectively cleans clothes

MixLoad adjusts energy usage and drying time based on load weight when cleaning daily mixed loads. MixLoad washes clothes at 30°C and in just 69 minutes. Go with MixLoad for optimal performance, and effectively cleaned clothes.

AEG - Freestanding washer dryer - LWR7496O4B
The smooth care drum pattern is even gentler on your fabrics*

The Care drum lets garments glide smoothly thanks to its elevated cushion-like drum pattern and optimised lifter paddle. A thin film of water covers the holes during washing. Providing your fabrics with an even gentler laundry experience.

*Internal tests comparing the Care drum to the AEG ProTex drum.