Product details

The AKIT18 takes cleaning performance of FX9 to a whole new level. Four unique tools are designed to provide highly efficiancy removal of pet hair and dust so that cleaning is as effortless as possible. Give yurself the the spotless home you deserve.


AEG - Air Purifier - AKIT18

Mini Turbo Nozzle

Powerful mini turbo nozzle for highly effective removal of pet hair and fibers from upholstery, and for effortless cleaning of car interiors.

AEG - Air Purifier - AKIT18

Long crevice tool

Long crevice tool for the hard to reach areas in-between the car seats, behind appliances or furniture’s.

AEG - Air Purifier - AKIT18

Delicate surface nozzle

Delicate surface nozzle featuring a plush plate to make light work of cleaning above floor surfaces such as tables and bench tops or car interiors.

AEG - Air Purifier - AKIT18

Combination Nozzle

Combination nozzle with a brush works like a small crevice and also a 90° angled brush for increased flexibility.

AEG - Air Purifier - AKIT18

Home and car kit

1 x Pet hair turbo nozzle, 1 x Delicate nozzle with plush, 1 x Long Crevice, 1 x Combination nozzzle with brush


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