Product details

Compact and responsive, AX3 delivers a thorough air purification to your home’s smaller rooms.


AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX31-201GY

Responsive action

Enabled by laser particle sensors, AX3 reacts to changes in air quality and automatically adapts the 3 fan speeds for efficient filtration, offering you peace of mind and cleaner air.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX31-201GY

Efficient Filtration Levels

AX3 is equipped with a multi-stage filter that captures micro-dust (i.e.PM 2.5), odours (i.e. Acetaldehyde) and harmful airborne substances (i.e. Formaldehyde) and displays 2 notifications for filter replacement*. *filter lifetime of up to 12 months based on 8 hours daily usage.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX31-201GY

Powerful Air Circulation

The spiral outlet creates an upward whirl that distributes the cleaned air efficiently and without disturbance. Covers an area of up to 40m2** (based on Swedish regulations of air changes per hour) and 16m2 (US AHAM ** room size) with a CADR for smoke of 180m3/h

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX31-201GY

Intuitive display

The compact AX3 is designed to fit seamlessly in your home’s limited spaces. With just a touch of the display, adjust the fan speed to clean air more or less quickly. Alternatively, select Auto to allow the AX3 to automatically adjust speed of cleaning to the air quality. The 4-stage colour guide from green to red indicates your air quality level.

AEG - Oxygen Air purifier - AX31-201GY

Optimally quiet

Suitable for smaller rooms such as a nursery or home office, the AX3 is also quiet operating at just 26dB(A)***in Night mode. ***measured 1m in front of the product


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