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FX9 is designed and built to last. However, with frequent use the fiters can get clogged and cause the performance to decrease. Complete filter kit - The performance filter kit includes both the progressive and the emission filter to ensure that your cleaner works at its best performance possible.


AEG - Filter - ASPK9

Progressive filter

Progressive filter protects the motor from any bigger dust particles that manage to escape the cyclonic first filtration steps.

AEG - Filter - ASPK9

Top performance

Designed to give optimal filtration level when it comes to pollen, dust and allergens in your home . Wash and change your filters regularly to make your cleaner performs as NEW every day.

AEG - Filter - ASPK9

Washable filters

All filters are washable to save the environment and enable us to live a more sustainable life.

AEG - Filter - ASPK9


1 x Progressive foam filter 1 x Exhaust filter E10


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