The ProSource tap in a stylish kitchen

More quality time to cook


Never wait for water to boil again. With ProSource, it's on tap whenever you need it. Spend more time adding creative touches to your pasta dishes than waiting for the saucepan to boil. And spend longer enjoying your well-earned cup of tea than preparing it. The carbon filter purifies your water and ProSource only ever heats what you use. So it's not only the quickest way to boil water, it's the tastiest and most-efficient.


The easiest way to get the water you need.

A male filling up a kettle with boiling water straight from the ProSource tap

All your water needs, just one tap

ProSource is 3 taps in 1. From 20 degrees to 100, you have cold, hot and boiling water at your fingertips. Perfect for a refreshing drink, water for washing dishes or a cup of tea.

A man safely touch the spout while the tap is pouring boiling water

Safe and sophisticated

ProSource blends sophisticated design with safety you can trust. So everyone's safe, you can only dispense the boiling water if you push the child lock. Plus the spout is insulated so it's always cool to the touch. Available in chrome or stainless steel, there's five colour rings and two spout designs to choose from. So it's no surprise Red Dot awarded it best design in its category.

Pure water for a truer taste

Enjoy water as pure as a mountain stream from the comfort of your own kitchen. The advanced filtration system removes impurities like chlorine and limescale. So you can improve every tea and coffee with water that tastes exactly as it should. And after 12 months, the filters are easy to replace.